Screen shot 2011 04 12 at 6.26.11 PM1 300x193 Before we bring on the band, there are a few announcementsLet’s set the stage, the Rock The World™ book is a totally unique combination of knowledge, insight and inspiration for LinkedIn® users at ALL levels.

We wrote this book to share our knowledge gathered from time in the trenches with you and to inspire you into action, to create inspired people who can in turn help others as well. Whether the book comes first, the inspiration second, or the other way around; this is a book packed with oodles of knowledge and loads of inspiration.

Like kids, we are each inspired by PLAY, like teens we are inspired by MUSIC, as adults we are inspired by BUSINESS SUCCESS and FRENDSHIPS. As we write this material, often in the wee hours of the morning with the radio tuned to a classic rock channel, that is also what inspires us.

How about you? What inspires you?  We hope this book will stoke your imagination and take you to greater heights than you thought were possible. AIM HIGH!  Please, write to us about your successes along the way. YOU are OUR INSPIRATION.


In prepping for Version 3.0 of Rock The World with your Online Presence, our hit LinkedIn Profile and SEO book, we had to make a little extra room. Since our book was released, right after the LinkedIn design change in late 2009, the LinkedIn Company Profile feature came on board and we had to dive into it of course. In the Rock The World book we refer to these instructional videos as “Timeless Updates”.

In this video, we (Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Rockstars), explain the limits regarding LinkedIn Company profiles. Lori even provides some extra tips that only VIEWERS of the video get to learn.

TO SEE THE EXTRA TIP – watch the video!

Limit #1 – The key LinkedIn limit regarding company profiles is the space allowed for the Company Description. It is 1,500 characters and carriage returns count as 2 here. Use a word processor and copy/paste the text. ♦ Special characters ♦ are not a bad idea either. Short paragraphs, some bullets. Think of it how you would think of a LinkedIn Profile Summary in many ways.

Limit #2 – Specialties are tags that you can add to increase your appeal to individuals and search engines. You get up to 20 keywords or key PHRASES. Watch the video for the secret tip on getting the most out of Specialty tags.

There are other limits that you are not likely to run into (# of products or services listed). If they become significant, we will feature a post on those as well.

See related post on LinkedIn Limits

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btn cofollow badge LinkedIn Company Profiles have limits too!

Does this help?


This video itself is a LinkedIn Success story. Through LinkedIn inviting, LinkedIn Thank You Messages (ala Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “The Thank You Economy“) and a little insight, Splash Media founder Paul Slack and Integrated Alliances Founder Mike O’Neil struck up a relationship that led to a meeting and to this video interview.

In the interview with former CNN anchor Renay San Miguel, Mike O’Neil discuses corporate adoption of LInkedIn and the capabilities that the LinkedIn API will bring to users in 2011.

Video not available

Splash Media provides turnkey social media solutions for small and medium sized businesses who can’t quite afford to bring on a full-tome Social Media specialist. Integrated Alliances provides corporate LinkedIn training solutions, primarily for sales teams at technology firms. The IA executive team of Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff are also dynamic keynote speakers on Social Media.

BOTH2B 300x258 LinkedIn Corporate Adoption and LinkedIn APIs driving growth in 2011

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This is what comes from 1) being authentic 2) writing custom invitations 3) being referred and 4) sending Thank You messages.  This is the actual string.  IT IS BEST READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for linking to me. I look forward to learning from you.

Thought it would be fun to share my first album and first concert with you:

First album: (7th grade) Deep Purple: Machine Head. My friend had an older brother who had it and I had to have it. (I am not counting the Bobby Sherman album that I cut out of the back of a Cheerios box icon smile How LinkedIn Thank You notes and concert stories can drive business relationships

First concert: Aerosmith and Golden Earring – also 7th grade.


On 04/12/11 1:03 AM, Mike O’Neil wrote:
Thank you for the invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Your profile comments are very inspiring to me. I watch Almost Famous nearly every month.

We ROCK at LinkedIn. As “The LinkedIn Rockstars”, we speak, train and write real books on LinkedIn and Social Media at an expert level all over the world.

Rock? I played the Fillmore in San Francisco Nov 2010, sharing the stage with members of the Allman Brothers, Paul McCartney’s Band and even Aerosmith, but that’s a different story…

♫ So, why does this matter? ♫

We take this Rock n Roll side and funnel the energy into our LinkedIn Corporate Sales Training Programs, refined over 5 years and 400+ LinkedIn training sessions.

Getting to Top on LinkedIn (29,900+ connections) taught me things that I share with our clients – mostly tech companies with sales teams.

We wrote “Rock The World with your Online Presence”, the world’s #1 rockin’ LinkedIn business book. It’s a near bible for LinkedIn Profile Optimization and related SEO, the 188 pgs packed with classic rock song references.

Interested in talking further? If so, simply REPLY back. Myself, or someone from our team, will listen, understand, share some insights and help you take the next steps LinkedIn and business development.

Rock on!

Mike O’Neil
The LinkedIn Rockstar

You might also check out my partner Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva, at . She rocks too!

On April 11, 2011 8:00 PM, John King wrote:
Hi Mike,

Bill Clanton suggested I link to you.

You had me at “Almost Famous and Office Space” icon smile How LinkedIn Thank You notes and concert stories can drive business relationships

Reading your profile is actually entertaining – especially for a music lover who spent every spare nickel on albums and concerts as a kid.

John King

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The Roger Waters Pink Floyd THE WALL Concert Live in Denver

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