In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world

In the beginning…

For well over 2 years, I have had this LinkedIn book essentially complete. The first LinkedIn books appeared, then some more, and then what seems like an aisle full of textbooks on LinkedIn, some of them very good textbooks.

They tackle the nuts and bolts of a wide range of topics; of which, one is usually LinkedIn Profiles. In a matter of 5 to 10 pages they tell you everything they can in the space allotted. Then it is off to the next topic. They are more about information than inspiration. Once again, they are needed in many circles, but a tall order for any one book.

This book is different. It takes a very deep, inspirational and educational dive into the most important launching point for LinkedIn users, your online presence. More than just profiles, it’s about what you look like to others, how you present yourself, the level of respect and degree of opportunity you can expect and receive from others.

While trying to find the proper self-identity in a growing sea of similar books, music kept coming to my mind. Being raised on music since the early 70’s, it was always occupying some of my personal RAM (Random Access Memory).

For over 5 year now, I have been dissecting every minute element of LinkedIn profiles and other components related to one’s visibility and on-line presence. I have learned from people, from books, from trial and error, but mostly it was insight, and time and effort that brought me to be the LinkedIn Rock star they say I am today.

The next steps…

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As this book neared finality, we moved from development to promotion. We didn’t need to look far for new ideas. The phone was ringing with lots of opportunities for us to incorporate the products of others in our launch. The “high cool factor” of this project really helps attract cool ideas and really cool people…

One such technology to come our way was Crowd Campaign. Late September, I answered a call from Clinton Bonner, VP of Business Development at Crowd Campaign. He presented me with this really intriguing technology they had developed around contests.

The SXSW show in Austin, the mother of all shows in my book, is using this technology in 2010, and I got to use it NOW, before they even get a decent look at it!

I recently read an article while on the plane to Phoenix, about using twitter to promote campaigns. They had some great points:

  1. Give away a prize that one cannot “buy”, one you must win or earn.
  2. Enlist famous and high profile people that can shine some of their light your way.
  3. Use technology to scale big.

This new Crowd Campaign technology combined with killer graphics created by IA’s graphics designer Bob Todd, combined to create a following around the pop culture image we represent with social media, networking and music.

The idea of a contest surrounding the best LinkedIn Profile had been kicked around before, but it was Lori Ruff that brought it to light. You see, someone has a lot of judging and tracking work to do and it wasn’t going to be me.

The Contest…

So, with just weeks from start to finish, we embarked on a partnership with the folks at to see how we could find and refine applications for this technology in social media. We had just the right combination to make this work. A book launch with an accompanying speaking tour, two executives with high profiles in social media with very large networks, flair for the spotlight, an existing following of friends and fans, deep social media expertise, and being just plain fun to work with.

RTW Head with Name 300x170 In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world

Using the Crowd Campaign software, we were able to hold a contest to the find the world’s best LinkedIn profiles, using nominations, voting, tweeting, twitter ID’s and LinkedIn public profile URLs.

The prize is recognition directly in the Rock The World with your Online Presence Book. Listed in the book are the winners’ Name, Headline, LinkedIn Profile URL and Twitter ID. This recognition is a prize that one must earn and earn it they did.

These are some of the finest examples of complete, unique, insightful profiles we have ever seen, and we have seen many thousands here at Integrated Alliances.

The #1 vote getter would automatically get in. He used a combination of LinkedIn Group discussion postings and Twitter Tweets to attract twice as many votes as the nearest competitor. The remaining spots would be judged by a hybrid judging/jury system. Entrants were directed to our concise 2-page LinkedIn Profile Guide Sheet (available on our home page) as this would be used in judging.

And this is where Lori Ruff stepped in again. How to choose from a stack of 10’s was the challenge. She created a custom scoring system that followed our Integrated Alliances LinkedIn Profiles methodology. While there was room for “style points”, this contest attracted what would be perfect 10’s in athletics.

Lori developed a numerical value for certain components of the profile that can be defaulted or customized, those that can be used or not, and a 1-5 scale of other components such as the Summary, Specialties, Experience, Interests, Groups and Associations, and Contact Settings.  Points were deducted for formatting errors or improper use of fields as defined in the End User License Agreement.

Once the profiles were scored, the top scorers were sent to the judging panel for their selections, as much based on style and poise, a reflection of the entrants’ on-line reputation.

We worked with the Crowd Campaign team to add features that they had never foreseen – for example combining nominations, converting @name’s into clickable links, automatically adding http:// in front of web addresses, and so on. It’s great fun to beta test such cool new software that’s also fun.

So, who won?

Top Vote Getter (also highest raw score!):

Jeff Hodgkinson

Headline: Sr. Program Manager @ Intel Corp | Program & Project Mgmt Coach | PMI SME
LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID: @JGHMESA

Top Dual Language Profile – She Rocks Our World:

Jeanet Bathoorn

Headline: Linkedin Workshops | Trainer Online Netwerken | Linkedin & Twitter Expert | Social Networker | Spreker
LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID: @jeanetbathoorn

Top (English Language) Profiles:

Mark Amtower1d6b4ff In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world
Mentor to current & future Government Market Masters
LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID:

Spencer Maus
Senior Executive – Media, Public & Investor Relations, Communications, Social Media Strategist/Tactician
LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID: @spencerconnect

Wendy Brache065e5d4 In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world
Senior Online Marketing Consultant | Online Presence Specialist | Sales Force Branding | High Tech B2B | Social Media
LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID: @wendybrache

Patrick O’Malley 286243c In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world
Social Media Training, Keynote Speaking, Consulting, see videos @

LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID:

Liz Isaacs
Work Smart. Be Heard. Be Remembered. Passionate Writing & Marketing Communications Strategist | Author | Screenwriter
LinkedIn URL:
Twitter ID: @lizisaacslwc

Honorable Mentions:

Steve Patrizi (San Francisco, CA) – Best submission by a LinkedIn employee
J.D. Gershbein (Chicago, IL) – Very well-formatted experience descriptions – visually appealing and well-written
Heather Krasna (Seattle, WA) – For excellent example of maiden name field
Bryan C. Webb (Ontario, Canada) – “Common misspellings of my name” – well done!
Jose Eduardo Motta Garcia (Brazil) – For fun LinkedIn Group memberships including Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam
Don Cooper (Denver, CO) – For great formatting and use of Summary and Specialties

Other Finalists (sent to the judges with high scores):

Mark Williams (United Kingdom)
Octavio Ballesta (Venezuela)
Flyn Penoyer (San Francisco, CA)
Peter Pittman (Denver, CO)
Lesley Dewar (Perth, Australia)
Peter Brissette (Denver, CO)

The Judges:

Mike O’Neil 3971531 In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world

Lori Ruff


Dave Taylor 1836d40 In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world

Melissa Giovanoli 07d5226 In search of the best LinkedIn Profiles in the world